Top 5 Places for Dubai Photography
Iurii Zakirov
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Iurii Zakirov

Top 5 Places for Dubai Photography

Dubai photography looks stunning. The city's history, along with its skyline, makes it perfect for a Dubai photoshoot. The constant sunshine, and amazing weather, makes it an ideal destination for a photographer looking to capture high quality, interesting images.

Whether we talk about travelers or photographers, we all get fascinated by the beauty and charm captured in scenic photos of Dubai. There is no wonder that Dubai photography is more than a dream come true when you’re looking to capture some amazing shots. It is a place with the world’s best cafes, sites, and best tourist places. Paradise to modern architecture with splashes of historic aspects and skyscrapers, the place also offers peace, beauty, and luxury. 

If you are also planning your next photoshoot in Dubai, here we have provided a list of the best places to choose from in Dubai. Scroll down and give them a read to decide the best one for you. 

Burj Khalifa / Downtown

This is a picture of Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai

Burj Khalifa is one of the world’s tallest and most magnificent structures and the heart of Dubai’s beauty and prestige. The masterpiece lies in the center of Downtown Dubai and automatically attracts your attention when you are under its shade. Most visitors wish to capture Dubai’s colorful and iconic skyline from the highest deck of the building. If planning your next photo shoot at Burj Khalifa, you must purchase your tickets at least two weeks before your scheduled visit date. Book your ticket for sunset hours to foster your photography with clear views and the light at its best. Capture your picture from the ground or observation decks on the 124th and 148th floors for the best aerial view. 

Dubai Marina

This is a picture of Dubai Marina

If you love skyline photography, Dubai Marina is an amazing choice. The artificial canal city built in a stretch of the Persian Gulf shoreline is not a single sight. It is home to luxurious hotels, cafes, beaches, and apartment buildings. Spend your dinner night at the place surrounded by sea and glowing skyscrapers, choose a boat trip including a traditional dhow dinner, and cruise along the coast enjoying a variety of city views. No entry fee is charged for Marina but you still have a good budget to explore the activities offered here. 

Palm Jumeirah

This is an image of Palm Jumeirah poolside view

Palm Jumeirah is a perfect location to capture a cityscape. It is an iconic symbol of Dubai's creativity and ambition. Settled within palm-fringed gardens, it is surrounded by Burj al-Arab on one side and Dubai Marina on the other side. What else can an inspirational photographer wish for? It offers you a massive view covering multiple sights, hotels, dining outlets, and a canal network. You can also enjoy swimming in Palm Jumeirah. There are many hotels and restaurants offering beach access and swimming pools. 

Al Fahidi Historic District

This is an image of Al Fahidi Historic district

If you are wishing for some touch of culture and historic views in your photos, the Al Fahidi Historic district is the best place to explore. The place has conserved glimpses of Dubai’s history and what Dubai looked like before the oil money rolled in. You can find here sand-hued buildings that are built in the traditional Gulf architectural pattern. Many of these buildings and houses are now transfigured in museums, art galleries, and craft boutiques. So, there are plenty of locations to take perfect photos.  

Burj Al Arab

This is an image of Burj Al Arab

Burj al Arab is the most iconic example of Dubai’s architecture, and widely regarding as one of the most impressive luxury hotels in the world. Its sweep sail-like exterior resting on a manmade island makes it an ultimate location for capturing good photos. The hotel provides luxury services such as a shuttle service with a variety of luxury vehicles that carry guests throughout Jumeirah Beach. If you have a good budget, explore this hotel for the best photographic views and create lifetime memories. We guarantee that you will not regret the decision. 

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