Combining Photography with Tech
Thomas Olsson
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Thomas Olsson

Combining Photography with Tech

Obtaining consistent, high-quality photos for marketing can be difficult. aims to solve this problem by providing a simplified marketplace connecting photographers with clients that was built by photographers for accessibility and focus.

So you have a great concept or product, or you are already in a specific business but seem to be missing something. One of the major issues that can stop your entire marketing reach is obtaining consistent high-quality photos. 

You have to hire a specialist, and then try to explain to them what the specifics are, and there's a back and forth that happens and your photography doesn't always come out the way you envisioned it in your head. Then, the pandemic has hit, and there was an even bigger disconnect between photographers and their clients. The back and forth moved through digital communications and, in fact, hindered the whole process. 

That was the reason behind launching, a simplified marketplace connecting photographers with clients. It was built by photographers, with the mindset of bringing accessibility and focus to the art. We felt that it was time to bring these artists together and to provide a safe environment to consistently have them find work. On the other end, we felt that since we do extensive checks and review rounds with potential photographers, we are only offering the best every single time. 

Photographer Portfolios

From the backend, we vet and help support photographers by having them show their best work and photo portfolio for their potential clients. Instead of websites needed to be built for photography portfolios, we have developed the best website to combine and aggregate all the best photography out there in the MENA market, in particular in Dubai and the UAE!

Sure, there are a lot of sites out there for freelancers, but they cover a wider variety of skills. We felt that photography itself is so important and unique that it deserved its own site that is specially focused on the Dubai freelance photographer. We also ensured that we built some efficiencies with our proprietary site to help smooth the process of connecting photographers with clients. 

We tried to reduce it down to simply clicking and booking a photographer based on your needs. You can review the photographer based on what your needs are and try to sync up with their specialities so that every photo session you have with them is the perfect one. 

Real Estate Photography

Selling real estate always starts with taking some fantastic photos of the property. It is not just about showing how all the rooms look, or what the outside looks like, but it is about capturing the property at its best. Photographing real estate is about getting everything right; the right light, angle, and weather. 

Real estate photos are built to sell the house, and that house is a big-ticket item that needs to look its absolute best whenever someone is searching for real estate. Looking for that photographer near you is also critical, as you want someone that not only has the expertise but also understands the local aesthetics. They will be able to develop real estate photos based on this experience, truly capturing and photographing the real estate in such a way that it will be sold the second someone sees that photo. 

Our portfolio and pricing for real estate photographers cannot be beat, as we work only with the best in the field. We also developed our platform with pricing in mind and want to ensure that while the photographer gets a fair price, you also end up saving a lot more than if you had to hire a photographer long term, or per hour. 

Ecommerce Photography

This definitely requires one of our experts for several reasons. Product photography is one of the trickiest things to get right the first time and requires proper planning even before the product shoot happens. We help connect you with localised product photographers near you who will always have their own product photography studio to capture the product in the way needed for most common e-commerce sites. 

Product photography for e-commerce sites requires specialised mannequins to help capture the essence of the item on a person, without showing the mannequin itself. It also requires some additional editing to ensure a neutral (usually white) background. Using our network of e-commerce photography experts whose sole role has been handling product shoots for product photography will help ease your mind and have you focus on what's the most important thing, running your business. Our photographers will also help populate the rest of your e-commerce site with necessary photos and edit them to the right sizes and shapes needed to make your site look professional every day. Since we primarily work with Dubai photographers, they will know how to stylise the items that you are planning on selling. 

By hiring one of our e-commerce photographers to handle your products on a monthly basis, you can ensure that you have the capabilities to always add new products as they come in and to always keep your site updated and fresh. If you decided to expand your e-commerce to third party marketplaces and selling sites, our photographers are aware of the requirements and sizing requirements to ensure that whatever image they take of your item will comply with those site requirements. 

Food and Beverage Photography

Food and beverage photography can be fantastic when done right. If done correctly the items come to life and become creative food. Styling the food itself to look presentable, or if you’re doing an action shot to show movement requires a specialised food photographer who can handle food photography. A food photo on your camera phone is one thing, but when it is done by a professional, who balances the colour of the food with the light and angles, you get something that is akin to art. 

This gets even more elaborate when you have the need to do a cake photo shoot. Cake Photography is always a pleasure to work with, and we have several food photographers who love doing that type of work, due to how pretty cakes already are. It is a great medium for creative food photography and really capturing the flavours of the cake beyond the taste. For all those in the gastronomy business in Dubai, hiring a Dubai food photographer from us should be one of your main priorities, as you want to ensure that anyone who comes across your site sees these mouth-watering images. 

Hospitality Photography

Dubai and the surrounding MENA region is truly known for their exquisite service and hospitality industry. With one of the best ensemble of hotels and amenities for guests and tourists alike, it is a great place to not only have the hospitality industry hire photographers near them for promotion, but it can also be great for tourists to hire these expert photographers to make their vacation and trip more memorable. 

They will have the equipment to help handle wide-angle shots and grasp the enormity and expanse that Dubai and the United Arab Emirates have. Since we ensure we only partner with quality local photographers near or in Dubai, they themselves offer the same wonderful hospitality that the region always provides. This type of photography is necessary to ensure that we stay true to capturing the architecture of those beautiful buildings, and the wonder of the UAE region as a whole. 

Enhance your local business.

Whether you are in Dubai, UAE, or the surrounding MENA area, it is now a great time to start to revitalize your local business and show how amazing you are. We will have a photographer that will always meet your need and budget to get you back focused on running the business, instead of running everything else besides your business. 

We are currently launching in October of 2021 and have already onboarded a number of photographers ready to work and get you your next great shot. We believe in consistency and with that consistency, we felt that the best way to offer our support and expertise to the local business side is to offer a fair price for a monthly subscription for the photographer. 

Our vision was to offer a fixed set price that would provide the appropriate amount of photography that you would need, while not breaking your budget. This way you get a certain amount of images and photoshoots as is needed to have that creative flow always coming. No business is ever too small or too big for us, as we work with an extended network of professional Dubai and UAE based photographers that can get to where you need them to be. Whether you want to have a Dubai Photoshoot at the mall or have it at your office in the city centre, we are there for you as is needed. More details can be found here

Come visit us to always check out the latest promotions that we are offering, especially now that we are on the verge of launching. See what we are about, check out our offering, read our FAQ or feel free to contact us here. We are always open to discuss what your needs might be, and work out a customised package that will fit your needs, and grow with you as your business grows. 

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