Simplify Your Workflow with Flashy's RAW Image Selection
Kevin Wolzak
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Kevin Wolzak

Simplify Your Workflow with Flashy's RAW Image Selection

Now you can select you RAW images before they get edited! Easily view the images from your shoot, and select only the best ones to be sent on for editing. More power in your hands when it comes to RAW image selection!

Flashy is levelling up once again. 

In the fact-paced world of content: efficiency and quality are key. At Flashy we have been a leader in content in the GCC region for the past two years. Our clients have access to a tech-platform where content is uploaded, edited and downloaded. To make it more efficient we are proud to announce a game-changing feature to streamline your workflow.

Content efficiency. 

Flashy was created as a response to the need for easily accessible, high-end content that would be available across different platforms, countries and industries without taking a lot of time. The inspiration behind Flashy was simple: to make content creation & management efficient, user-friendly, and high-end. 

You request, we adapt.

One of the challenges faced by our clients was the offline communication needed to discuss image selections. Or that the editor and creator would handle (pre)-selections, leaving users with limited control over their content.

New image selection feature: 

Flashy's new Selection feature is perfect to use for our users to both improve their time and the quality of the content provided. This feature is perfect for lifestyle photography, and those more complicated bespoke shoots. Now, users can pick their RAW images directly from their account, deleting the need for offline discussions or having limited control over content. Once your image previews are uploaded, a notification is sent via email. The platform also allows users to add Editing Notes, making sure the final images align perfectly with what they need. 

What makes us at Flashy stand out is its one-stop-shop approach. Users can book a shoot, receive RAW images, get notified, make their selection, and finally, download their edited images. This quick and efficient process is unmatched in the industry. 

We prioritise user security. Only the user and the creator have access to the uploaded content, ensuring that the large RAW images remain 100% safe on the platform.

What’s next:

Flashy's journey doesn't stop here. The team is working on improving the platform, making it even more efficient and user-friendly. We are open to hear from you and encourage you to share any ideas or features that could further improve the Flashy platform.

Use Flashy today:

Experience the future of content with Flashy. Log in to our platform to explore this feature and more. If you have suggestions or ideas to make Flashy even better, don't hesitate to reach out. Your feedback drives us to do more! 

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