5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer to Shoot Your Short-Term Rental Listing Photos
Thomas Olsson
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Thomas Olsson

Hiring A Real Estate Photographer In Dubai For Your Short-Term Rental Listing Photos

Learn how a real estate photographer in Dubai can help you have short-term rental listings that stand out and attract potential guests in this post.

Uploading photos is one of the first things you have to do when creating your listings on short-term or holiday rental marketplaces.

With travelers relying on images to choose their accommodation on these online marketplaces, you need to have great pictures on your listings to stand out and catch their eye.

Once you get the attention of users, your chances of getting them to check your listings and book your short-term rental become higher.

With this in mind, think twice about using your smartphone to take photos to be used for your listings.

No matter how good you are with taking photos with your phone, using filters, and editing pictures, your short-term or holiday rental listing images may lack something that can prevent them from standing out and attracting users.

And when users consider your images to be of inferior quality or subpar, marketplace users are likely to ignore your listings. You then lose the chance to get bookings, which will negatively affect your income from your rental.

If you want your short-term rental listings to stand out and get the best ROIs possible, you would do well to work with a professional real estate photographer in Dubai from the start.

Better Airbnb Listings With Professional Photos

Hiring a professional photographer to take photos of your short-term rental can mean an additional outlay on your part. However, it is worth the expense since you’ll reap these benefits:

  1. Have photos that let users visualize your rental better.

Professional photographers have the equipment, training, and skill set to make a property look amazing.

With their experience, they know from which angles to shoot, how to position their camera, and use lighting to capture the best images of all rooms and features of your property and its totality.

The images they capture can represent your space accurately, allowing users of the platform to visualize your rental better. Because of this, they can have an easier time imagining themselves staying in your property.

And when they can imagine themselves being comfortable and able to relax in your vacation rental, you are one step closer to having them book it.

  1. Feature luxurious-looking photos on your listings.

Even if your property may not be as opulent as other vacation rentals, a professional photographer can make it appear luxurious and stunning.

Seasoned photographers know how to take photos of spaces and properties that cast these in an elegant, beautiful light. Every room and feature can appear plusher and more stunning with their professional touch.

When you have photos that make your short-term rental look elegant and your rates are reasonable, plenty of platform users will be drawn to your property since they’ll realize they can get more value for their money.

  1. Capture Airbnb users’ attention faster.

Many short-term rental marketplace users often choose a rental within minutes. They usually go through this process quickly by looking only at the listing photos.

Having professional-looking, beautiful photos can help your rental land on top of a user’s list of ‌accommodation options. This is because high-quality images can help your property give the right first impression that’ll capture your potential guests’ attention.

A professional photographer can capture and create photos that can intrigue Airbnb users and leave them wishing to see more of your property.

With these photos, you can wow potential guests even before they click on your listing.

  1. Reach a wider audience.

If you want to attract more guests to your vacation rental, you can do this with the help of a professional photographer.

For instance, if your holiday home is perfect for families, your photographer can help you have great photos of all the features you should highlight in your listing, such as your lovely garden, wide outdoor space, and child-friendly bedrooms.

If your ideal renters are couples, a photographer can take amazing photos of the spots and features of your property that make it the perfect place for a romantic getaway. 

A qualified real estate photographer knows what to do to give you photos that appeal to your target audience. They can choose the right spots to photograph and use the best angles and lighting to highlight the features and amenities you want to showcase in your listing.

Moreover, they can edit the photos afterward to make them appealing and eye-catching to your target audience.

  1. Get more click-throughs and reservations.  

According to a study, Airbnb listings with high-quality photos get a higher income within a calendar year.

This means you can get more click-throughs and bookings in a year if your listing has professional-looking, high-quality photos that seasoned photographers in Dubai can take for you. With their photography equipment and skills, you can have crisp photos you can use for your listing that can impress potential guests.

Keep in mind that if you don’t get plenty of click-throughs from Airbnb users, you won’t be able to get bookings and meet your target ROIs and profits. As such, don’t hesitate to hire a professional photographer if you want a thriving holiday rental business from the start.

A vacation rental is a great option for a passive income stream. 

If you want your business to succeed and get the most from your investment, start by hiring a professional real estate photographer to help you have an amazing, effective Airbnb, short-term rental, or holiday home listing.

Use our Contact page to schedule a photo shoot with our professional photographers for your holiday home rental.

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