Creating Art With Technology: Best Uses of Drones for Commercial Photography
Thomas Olsson
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Thomas Olsson

Creating Art With Technology: Best Uses of Drones for Commercial Photography

Drone photography has become an ideal imagery solution for many businesses. Learn the 5 best uses of drones in commercial photography here.

Commercial photography has dramatically changed since it was first introduced in the 1800s. Originally a cumbersome method, it has evolved into a less demanding strategy with far superior results, thanks to modern innovations like digital photography.

Although many things brought about these changes, none was able to disrupt commercial photography more than drones have.

An art form itself, drone photography has opened opportunities that businesses never had access to before. In fact, it has even become the ideal imagery solution for certain companies, particularly modern hotels, resorts, and tourist attractions.

In this article, you’ll learn about how drones enhance commercial photography in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

5 Ways to Use Drone Photography in Hospitality and Tourism

Besides capturing professional quality photos, drones can reach places people can’t access with standard photography equipment. This can prove beneficial to industries where a unique vantage point matters.

Here, you’ll learn the five ways drones can help your business stand out in the hospitality and tourism sector:

  1. Snap a bird’s-eye view of the property.

Drones can take photos of a similar quality to those captured by professional photographers riding a helicopter. The only difference is that the former is more cost-effective and convenient than the latter.

Snapping images of your hotel or resort can be done in many ways. However, the most iconic and effective technique would be the bird’s-eye view.

This technique refers to taking pictures while looking down at the subject (in this case, your property or establishment). It is an aerial shot with an overhead angle that provides a complete and unhindered view of the entire property and the surrounding area.

The bird’s-eye view technique is particularly effective for hotels and resorts since it shows potential customers the sizes and distances of the features compared to one another.

  1. Bring a panoramic perspective to surrounding tourist spots.

Can you imagine the distance you need to put between yourself and your establishment just to produce a panoramic image?

Even if you do get far enough to take a picture of the entire structure, there’s a possibility that you won’t be able to get your desired photo simply because you can’t have a tall enough tripod to capture the total scenery.

This brings us to another impressive photography technique best done with a drone: the panorama.

In this method, photographers capture an expansive view and showcase it in a single image. This is done using multiple pictures pieced together using specialized software.

As you probably already guessed, it can be pretty expensive and time-consuming to capture a panorama big enough for a tourism business the traditional way. This is where drone photography comes in handy.

With the help of its flight capabilities and clear lenses, drones can easily capture images that professional photographers can stitch together to form one gorgeous panoramic landscape.

With just one picture, you can feature different sites that capture people’s attention and potentially convert onlookers into paying customers.

  1. Provide offshore imagery of your hotel or resort.

Too big, too wide, or too high subjects aren’t the only issues photographers face in tourism and hospitality photo shoots. Sometimes, it’s also a matter of geographic difficulty.

Take a beach, for example. The landscape offers plenty of photo opportunities to entice tourists to book a room at your hotel or resort.

However, capturing unique images of the land, the sea, and the people enjoying a specific beach can be challenging given the limited land space you can walk on.

Whether you want to take an image of the seafront or snap pictures of guests enjoying water-based activities offered at your establishment, the best solution would be drone photography. With this, your photographers can simply fly a drone out over the sea and snap the images you want at the right height and distance.

  1. Tap into beautiful but out-of-reach scenery.

Some tourism and hospitality establishments cannot use amazing but out-of-reach scenery because they have yet to explore drone photography.

The main challenge here could be the position at which the desired angle can be achieved. Usually, it is either impractical or impossible for the photographer to get to.

A good example is a swimming pool scene, where you shouldn’t get in people’s way just to set up a photo shoot; that is, not unless you plan to stage the scene and use models or actors instead.

But instead of just giving up on that unique angle, hire photographers to take aerial shots by drone. This will give you images that capture the pool, the property, the beach, and the sea.

It may also be helpful for virtual tour shoots promoting the surrounding view and attractions near your hotel or resort.

  1. Capture optimal indoor views conveniently.

Drones are quiet, flexible, and convenient to use in photography. Because of their size and flight capabilities, photographers can take the shot you want even when it is set in a tight, crowded space.

In other words, drone photography maximizes view range while saving space.

Let’s say, for example, you want to showcase your hotel’s expansive event venue or popular restaurant without having to inconvenience your guests.

Setting up photography gear in a cramped corner would be a hassle. It also wouldn’t give the photographers enough room to capture the proper angle for your desired image.

With the help of a drone, the photographers can take pictures as close to the ceiling as possible, offering a better view with fewer obstructions. It can even fly into tight spaces, making it helpful in capturing candid moments during events held within your establishment.

Capture the Right Angles

Angles are crucial in photography, but the most beautiful ones are often difficult to capture using traditional methods.

Consider using drones to capture the right angles in your commercial photos and boost your audience engagement in hospitality and tourism.

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